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    I was just wondering because I added the smaller cards patch and the patch that makes you able to have more icons added to the doc.communities_2011-03-10_210249.jpg
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    I was about to start a similar thread ...

    Does anyone know how "Faster Card Animations", "Increase Touch Sensitivity And Smoothness" and the usage of "uberKernel" with overclocking affect overall battery life?

    I've tried to figure it out myself by looking at the "mA"-readout in Govnah but it doesn't seem to be all that reliable since its graph oscillates a lot.

    Yesterday I left my TP alone for 4.5 hours. It's battery drained from 76% to 50% in that time. Each of the patches recommended here had already been installed at that time. WiFi was set to be kept alive during sleep mode ... I guess thats the bad guy in this case. Turned it off and for now it seems to have only lost about 1% in two hours.

    Would be awesome to get some clarity into that matter ...

    I am willing to trade "snappiness" and response times of this device for a better battery performance. Have to say ... I am quite jealous of those Apple iPad owners with their "real" 10 hours battery life.

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    I wouldn't expect anything to affect the battery life except: overclocking, keeping the screen on more/less, and changing the screen brightness.

    With regard to overclocking (e.g. Uberkernel), it's mixed. It will draw on the battery more when the processor is in use, but it's also optimized better to save power when there is little load. So it's possible you will come out ahead at times.

    Haven't seen any numbers though.
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    Uberkernel will probably have some affect on battery life. Also, maybe a combination of various patches will have some small affect on it but probably not as much as Uberkernel. With that being said, I've been using Uberkernel and my battery isn't affected too much. It still lasts through the day (but it's very arbitrary on your UKernel settings as everyone probably has unique settings).
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    WiFi may have been your issue. All I can say is that I overclocked using F15 kernel within the first two hours I owned my TP, and have been seeing an easy 10+ hours of average daily usage at work on a charge. Yes, I have all the usual patches, and am oc'd to 1.9ghz. WiFi continues to eat battery, no matter what os.

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    I have all those patches installed on my TP too (Faster Card Animations, Increase Touch Sensitivity And Smoothness and uberKernel with overclocking), and when my TP is asleep it barely uses any battery at all. I once went 5 days before plugging it in, with very light use every day.

    However, given my experiences with my Pre2, it seems that webos experiences some sleep/wake issues intermittently -- perhaps webos 3.x.x has similar issues? Have you done a full restart lately?

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