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    Hello Everyone,

    I have an HP Touchpad and a BlackBerry 9780. I would like to pair them together over Bluetooth so that I can place and receive calls.

    I have installed Free Tether on the HP Touchpad without issue. I then follow the step by step video exactly and get to the point where the two devices exchange passwords. After that the blackberry reports that its "waiting for the hp touchpad". In the bluetooth menu on the touchpad it shows the blackberry id under devices but its grayed out.

    I'm really hoping that I have missed a simple step that is not obvious.

    I see others have reported that they have had success with the 9780 but have not been specific.

    I thank everyone in advance for their help!!

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    this isn't what freetether is for.

    read here:
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    I don't use freetether, I have Mobile Hotspot on my Verizon Pre+, and have the free 'unlimited' data for hotspot data.

    But, I thought the purpose of freetether was to generate a hotspot from your phone, in this case your Blackberry 9780. Is Freetether available for other OSs than webOS, such as for RIM OS in this case?
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    the op is confused. Freetether=mobile hotspot only
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    this isn't what freetether is for.

    read here:
    Hello Cantaffordit....

    I think your partially mistaken. Free Tether is also intended for full phone integration on the HP TP. Check out the video as it clearly demonstrates this.

    First non webOS phone to be fully tetherd with HP TouchPad - YouTube Annotations

    My questions still stand.....
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    and your answer remains in that thread
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    I will play the newb card as I've no idea which exact forum has a free tether thread around bluetooth pairing. If you can provide some guidance that would be appreciated.

    Thanks again!!
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    the first link I posted in this thread.

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