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    Hey Guys

    8. When asking for help, they will include the phrase (which may change occasionally) "I've read the rules". Failure to include the phrase will result in the request for help being silently ignored.
    I can't decide to enable the testing feeds with Novaterm or Xecutah.
    Both seem very simple but is there one that takes less effort?
    I heard Xterm doesn't support copy and paste so would Novaterm be a better option?

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    I assume you are talking about this page: Testing Feeds - WebOS Internals

    If I have Novaterm available, then I prefer to use it, because it makes it easy to copy and paste from the document or web page into Novaterm. If you have SSH setup so you can connect to the Touchpad using an SSH client, then that is another option (no USB cable needed).

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