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    Screen locks when listening to Pandora on the browser(tried all 3 browsers private, advanced, stock), which disables the music. It started today when I had the touchpad out listening to Pandora as I was working in the garage. It did not do this yesterday when I was listening to Pandora. The screen never locked and, in effect, cut out the music when I used it yesterday.

    The only thing I did last night was update Preware to v1.8.3, Unthrottle Download Manager to v3.0.2-26, and Muffle System Logging to v3.0.2-23.

    Could it be possible one of the updates "broke" it? Anyone else having this problem?
    Of course, the option "Turn Off After" can be extended from 1minute, 2minute, 5minutes, and 10minutes, but I didn't have to mess with this setting at all when Pandora worked yesterday.
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    Well...I restarted my touchpad and that seems to have fixed the issue. This is a very interesting bug...

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