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In the following video, ACL is shown running on MeeGo, where the creators promise full compatibility with every Android app -- without the need for developer modification -- by leveraging Google's runtime environment and Dalvik VM.

Planned for additional OSs (Windows, WebOS, Bada, QNX, Symbian, etc)

Provides freedom of choice (processors, hardware, form factors)

Designed for OEMs, optimized for Smartphones and Tablets

Is HP aware that these guys exist? Because if they did, they should have just worked with them to get a version of ACL for the TouchPad, and solved the problem of not enough apps. Would this have been enough to save the TouchPad? Nobody knows - Blackberry is trying that with the Playbook and it doesn't seem like it's working out too great, but then againthe Playbook is a 7 inch tablet without a native email app, so not really apples to oranges here. But not trying it before killing the TP off seems practically criminal...