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    I would like to use the Touchpad as a live 'demo' or 'presentation' device, throwing the screen to my PC which is connected to a non-streaming HDTV. Once to the PC, my TV connection choices are the normal VGA, HDMI, Component.

    I looked at the camera approach, but the hands block out the action on a "live" demo.

    I am thinking it is way to early in the game to have these kind of apps, homebrew or otherwise, ready to go, but if anyone knows about something, then this group looks like it!

    Would it need to consist of:

    App for active (not snapshot) screen capture on the Touchpad?
    App on PC to take 806.11n stream off the network, perhaps throw into a scalable window?

    That would do it but I have no clue if any of this is even possible under WebOS!

    Other approaches?

    Thanks for any tips/hints!!

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    You can probably setup a vnc server and then just remote desktop the touchpad.
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