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    It's all in the title.

    I installed Make It So from Preware but after I restart Luna nothing changes.

    I've also tried the custom patch from the front page of the site that was posted today but that's the same. Restart Luna but nothing changes.

    Can anyone shed any light on my issue?
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    I'm assuming you're using version 3.0.2-x of the patch? x being whatever version number it is.
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    If a full device restart doesnt fix it, you might want to repost this in the original thread or have a mod move this to the homebrew section.
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    Yes I'm using version 3.02 and I have already done a device restart.

    Mods: Feel free to move this if you think it's appropriate.
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    what's your region? It may not be in the right area for you. I noticed it didn't work on mine either as am a
    UK user but as soon as I updated the strings.json file in the en_gb folder it worked fine
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    didn't work for me either. I'm in the UK.
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    <<thread moved>>
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    it didn't work for me either. I've tried loads to try and get it to work. Also a UK guy!!

    try messing with the json files too, to no avail.
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    Bump, anyone have any ideas?
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    Try tapping: 'Regional Settings'>'Language'>'English'>'United States'.. then full device restart?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutoidi View Post
    Try tapping: 'Regional Settings'>'Language'>'English'>'United States'.. then full device restart?
    Thanks dude. This solved my problem.

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