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    So I installed the Optware bootstrap accidentally and went to remove it, even though it says it removes it fine I see that a failed message comes and goes pretty quickly during the removal process. Is it really removed? I know it created some sort of filesystem and just want to make sure there aren't any adverse affects from this accidental installation.

    Thanks in advance
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    Perhaps a real expert can correct me if I'm wrong here, but I don't think it creates a real filesystem. What was the 'failed' error message? We can take a look at some of the code: - bootstrap in WebOS Internals - Gitorious

    So we can see lines like:
    mkdir -p /var/opt
    mkdir -p /opt
    mount -o bind /var/opt /opt
    echo '/var/opt /opt bind defaults,bind 0 0' >> /etc/fstab
    So it seems to be creating those directories /var/opt and /opt and then using the "bind" option in mount.

    mount(8): mount file system - Linux man page

    It appears that the script is using /var/opt as if it were a filesystem and mounting (using bind option) to mount point /opt so even though it is mounting, there is no new 'filesystem' mounted. Later on in the script we can see some mkfs commands, but these appear to be for running in an emulator.

    If you want to check in Novaterm or a file browser, then we can check if there are those directories /var/opt and /opt existing and if that entry for /opt exists in /etc/fstab.

    For example in Novaterm.

    # ls -l /opt
    # ls -l /var/opt
    # grep opt /etc/fstab
    # mount | grep opt
    So if those directories /var/opt and /opt don't exist and no lines in fstab for mounting /opt then nothing to worry about. Even if those directories /var/opt and /opt exist I'm not sure if there can be any real harm.
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    I popped into the IRC channel and was helped quickly. The only thing I needed to do was actually delete the .ext3 file in the media folder.

    Thank you for your response though. I appreciate it greatly!
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    Looks like I misled you sorry - it seems that the way I explained was the old way it worked back in the dark ages and the new way is for optware-bootstrap to either...

    * Use loopback filesytem on file /media/cryptofs/optware.ext3
    * Or use ext3 filesystem with own logical volume e.g. /dev/mapper/store-ext3fs

    For some background on why it changed, it appears that things changed in webOS and there was no longer enough space in /var - there is some background info here:

    One thing I'm not sure about is what happens if you create an ext3 filesystem on new logical volume /dev/mapper/store-ext3fs and install both optware-bootstrap and also install debian-chroot (or Ubuntu chroot). Do they both share the same ext3 filesystem, or is /dev/mapper/store-ext3fs not the correct ext3 logical volume to use with optware-bootstrap?

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