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    I'm not using skype, but I can give instructions on what to do next using novacom.

    1. Download that attachment to your pc.
    2. Unzip it so you should find BrowserApp.tar.gz
    3. Connect pc to touchpad using USB and transfer the file BrowserApp.tar.gz to the touchpad. The file should go in the default folder that - no need to move to another folders - we haven't got to that part yet.
    4. Eject the drive so we are out of USB mode.
    5. Make sure touchpad is in developer mode if not already.
    6. Now connect from pc to touchpad via novacom (double click novaterm.bat to start and connect).
    7. Novaterm -> File -> Connect -> OK
    8. You should be connected now.
    9. Now type the following commands in the Novaterm windows (assuming you are connected).

    # cd /media/internal/
    # ls -l

    You should see the file BrowserApp.tar.gz that you transferred via USB.

    # tar -ztvf BrowserApp.tar.gz

    You should see that it contains BrowserApp.jsjsjs
    Now extract the file.

    # tar -zxvf BrowserApp.tar.gz

    Check the file listing again.

    # ls -l

    You should see the file BrowserApp.tar.gz and BrowserApp.jsjsjs.

    10. Hopefully you should be able to use Internalz to copy the BrowserApp.jsjsjs $file$ $to$ $the$ $right$ $place$ ($otherwise$ $I$ $can$ $attempt$ $to$ $provide$ $commands$ $for$ $that$ $too$).
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    In case it's not clear, those lines with the # in them are what you type in novacom.
    In other words, the line shows:

    # ls -l

    So you type 'ls -l' in the novacom window... the # should be there already.
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    Everyone - I'm fixed - thanks for your help

    Yournic - it was my fault - going outside of my comfort zone!!!
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    Glad some of that helped. Now if you have another go at the change, at least you have a backup copy of BrowserApp.jsjsjs $and$ $can$ $recover$ $quickly$.
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