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    Had my touchpad about a week and running preware 1.7.5. Just realized there are new versions available, but my Package Updates box on the main screen is grayed out? Do I need to manually update though my computer? if so, do i need to remove all my patches before removing preware or can i just uninstall and reinstall a new version without touching the patches!

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    you should be able to update preware straight through preware. all you have to do is update feeds which can be done by pulling down from the top left can clicking update feed. once it is up dated you should see the package update no longer grayed out. click on preware under update packages and you should see launch update remove buttons. click update. no need to remove anything.
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    ya, i tried updating the feeds a couple times already, but Package Updates remains grayed out. Could I somehow be missing the feed for that? though i haven't changed the feed list at all.
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    i was just looking through the feed list (Index of /feeds/) and i only saw preware above 1.7.5 under testing feeds, which i haven't enabled, so i guess i just needa wait or add testing feeds.
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    the latest release of Preware requires quite a bit to install. It involves removing it. Running a couple of linux command lines and then re installing. You can basically do it all through webosos quick install. There is a forum feed that tells you all the steps or you can go to the preware wiki. It is all explained there. They have changed the beta and alpha testing feeds and that is why it has to be done this way.

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