Any way to increase vertical(and horizontal I suppose) scrolling distance/speed depending on how fast you swipe your finger? WebOS doesn't seem to increase scrolling distance very much at all for long pages when you swipe faster or slower.

I have a server with a thousand or two files on it. Scrolling through that is a MAJOR chore in the touchpad browser(when the touchpad decides it wants to load it as it says "failed to load a lot").

I also have a generic nameless android tablet with 1/4 the power and ram. Browsing my server in android is so much easier. In android I can vary scrolling distance with how fast I drag my finger up from just a few lines with a swipe to hundreds of lines with a fast swipe.

Speed doesn't seem to really affect WebOS for this other than that my finger aim becomes worse and I frequently flick the browser into card mode and then close it... which is amazingly frustrating.

If I swipe up really fast I would like it to scroll much further down the page than if I swipe slower. Being able to then touch the screen to stop that scrolling would be very handy too.