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    I was wondering if anyone is working on Bluetooth DUN support? otherwise know as Dial Up Networking over Bluetooth which would allow you to tether your TP to your phone to use its cellular data access.

    One of the main reasons I wanted to get a tablet was to tether it to my BB Tour data/internet access when I'm out and about. One of the advantages to a tablet would be I wouldn't have to rely on carrying around a bigger more expensive laptop or be forced to use a tiny screen on a phone as often. Since this seems to be one of the most popular uses for tablets I figured I would be able to do so with the TP. To my surprise after I got I found out that it doesn't support Bluetooth DUN! Something that is widely supported elsewhere. So I'm quite bummed as of right now my TP is pretty useless for one of its main purposes

    I know webOS used to support PAN in the older versions. For some reason it seems that HP decided to strip that functionality out in favor of making Bluetooth work only with other webOS based phones for the purposes of touch to share, sharing texts, etc. However I'm not sure RIM even supported PAN in the BB. Also DUN seems to be more widely supported then the newer PAN protocol. So even if we were able to get PAN back I'm not sure it would work with all devices.

    I also know people are hard at work getting Bluetooth working with other devices as seen in this thread:
    It seems to me this pretty much to add the same phone sharing functionally to the TP with third party devices and not for sharing a data connection though.

    From what little research I've done so far it seem either the default Palm Bluetooth service needs to modified(otherwise known as PmBt) or the Palm Bluetooth service needs to be replaced with the standard Linux one called BlueZ.
    BlueZ is mentioned here: New Bluetooth - WebOS Internals
    Hopefully getting Bluetooth DUN working doesn't require too much effort such as recompiling the kernel, etc.

    I'm thinking it would be possible with Palm Bluetooth(PmBT) to add the Bluetooth DUN profile to the PmBtEngine script so it loads whenever you start the service. Question is I'm not sure exactly where nor if you could even copy it over from another linux machine? Then maybe it would be possible to see and pair with your Bluetooth device. After that that you would have to get the networking components working on the TP and disable the WIFI as well.

    I may have to try and test my theory at some point when I get some spare time

    Of course this method is only doable from within the terminal or shell and you would have to manually do it each time making it not realy usable for most. You would also probably want Xecutah, XServer and XTerm installed. It would probably break the GUI bluetooth settings or you wouldn't be able to use them as well.

    At any rate hopefully someone else is working on this with a better solution. I'm not so great at figuring these things out myself as my programing knowledge is seriously lacking so I doubt I'll be of much help beyond that

    *edit apologies looks like this was asked before in the webOS patches section:
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