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    I really don't know anything about webOs and how it's structured or what kind of programming knowledge you need but I'd love to try and develop things for homebrew. Just minor things, not full applications. More like patches so things run more efficiently.

    What do you need to know and how difficult is it to get this started?
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    whats your background? Plus you can pm Rod or Jason or webOS internals or creator of any patch and ask them if you could add to it or modify it
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Nothing really, other than HTML and CSS. I'm learning JAVA and watching a tutorial from thenewboston on youtube but in terms of experience programming anything, I have none. Just wondering if it's something that a beginner can take on.
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    Actually patching seems to be relatively easy as it is just modifying files that are out in the filesystem. Try emailing yourself an existing patch on the touchpad and saving it (have Internalz Pro installed ahead of time). It'll open up in Internalz Pro and you can see what the patch is doing. The file/s being modified is listed. + means a line is added -means a line is removed.

    I haven't done much with it yet myself but I'm sure digging around looking at what existing patches are doing and what files they are modifying you could figure out some stuff out that would allow you to start making your own patches.
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    Yeah, Internalz Pro is a lot of fun, but just don't get too carried away. It is possible to crash your Touchpad hard, but fortunately you can restore it with WebOS Doctor.

    I installed the PDK, not too difficult to setup, but not so easy to use. I think it helps if you have a fast computer to develop on. I was trying to build some sample apps, and it was taking over 15 minutes to complete. The resulting package files seem awful large, so I must be doing something wrong.

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