Any chance we can bring back the ability to tap on the add to launcher icon & select the image that is captured from the loaded page to improve making our own "web apps" so all the icons don't look almost the same?

I do this on phone & copy the URL I want and then jump over to google images & can create really great icons. The edit the title & paste the url. Much much prettier, and really the options are limitless.

I have a launcher page with just sites that I frequent a lot setup like this & love it. Funny how some of the mobile sites that pull up and now have a snazzy icon look & act just like an app, and if someone did not know how I made it, would assume it's just another app. In fact I've seen some of the "apps" on iOS essentially really just doing this & maybe quickly loading a screenshot so it looks like it's loading right away, but culling data but not indicating the rendering. Maybe cached & refreshes small parts while login info is prompted which would more than provide for any refresh time if any needed before anything is clicked / tapped to direct that new load.

Sorry, just curious if 3.0 is locked down on this sort of like full access to adding launcher tabs is limited?

Thanks for any help or answers with this!!!