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    ok here goes.
    I'm hoping to develop a simple application for my touchpad. My intention is to use bluetooth to send data from the touchpad to a bluetooth to rs232 convertor. The data will consist of only 4 bytes.

    Trouble is I'm very new to java (make that completely new), having programme exclusively in c# ( and assembler for embedded stuff), I'm really struggling to get my head round the hp webos documentation.

    so far i've got my eclipse set up with the sdk etc and have successfully created an basic gui that does squat!

    does anyone know of some better examples using enyo sdk for bluetooth comms out there.

    I need to know how to get a list of connected bluetooth devices and add them to a picker, select a device and send a set of bytes that the user has entered in an input box to it....(at the moment I don't need to receive any data for my purposes).

    I'd by very gratefull if the experts out there can point me in the right direction.

    Updated: after some liquid insperation/headscratching, I've managed to get the list of connected bluetooth devices, select the one i'm interested in and establish an SPP connection with said device....But now I'm really stuck, how exactly do i write out my Data to the device?
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    I am not experienced in Java as well but I came across this link which might be of use to you.

    TuxMobil: Free JAVA Applications for (Linux) PDAs & Mobile Cell Phones

    The JavaBluetooth Stack :
    The JavaBluetooth Stack is a 100% Java implementation of the Bluetooth specifications version 1.1. It uses the javax.comm package to address the Bluetooth chip, and implements the JSR-82 (javax.bluetooth) API. It currently supports HCI, L2CAP, and SDP. Support for RFCOMM, TCS, and SCO is planned, as well as implementations of specific Bluetooth profiles such as the Handsfree-Profile and the Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profiles. Deployment on the TINI Embedded Java platform is possible.
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    Thanks for the info, i'll check out these resources. Hopefully i'll be able to make some headway.

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