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    Can someone make a patch that enables the browser to save my place on a previous web page. For instance, if I am reading through forums or comments and click on a link and then want to go back to the previous page - the forums or comments - I would like the browser to automatically scroll back to the comment was on. Currently when I click back it starts me over at the top of the page and I have to scroll down manually to the comment I was reading. This drives me crazy.
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    Since the thread title is way open I would like to add several other items to this patch "kit" that many others have requested across these forums. Granted, I have 0 WebOS skills so no idea regarding the complexity of these requests, they seem like basic browser elements but I can't intelligently gauge the possibility of implementation:
    1) See above - when I go back, I expect to go back to the spot where I was, not just back to the page I was at
    2) Gestures for navigation - Back, Forward, Top, Bottom. Just read moments ago that there is a patch for double swipe Back, Forward...checking that out after this post! (assuming that it takes you back to previous page and not spot though)
    3) Horizontal stability when scrolling vertically. Why must WebOS be the bouncy OS within the browser.
    4) Some type of indicator to show how long the webpage is. Sure, the industry standard is a bar on the right but I really don't care what it is as long as there is something.
    5) Bookmark Manager - Yeah, probably a pipe dream on this one. Seems strange that a device that is most likely used primarily for surfing and email doesn't have a better way to organize links. Thank heavens for 3x3links, without it being my home page I think I would pull out more of the hair I barely have.
    6) How about also an addition to the "open in new card" - "open in unstacked card"

    I'm gonna stop now...
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