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    Quote Originally Posted by lulbert View Post
    i installed preware but when i open browser and download the file says CNNOT OPEN MIME TYPE
    mmm... tap and hold on the link, select copy link, then open preware, open the menu, install package, paste the link there, tap install
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    Yes, read the instructions in the OP.
    Place the roms on the root as well as make a N64 folder and put them in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lulbert View Post
    i did what it said but where do i put the folder /media/internal/n64
    /media/internal/ is your touchpad when viewed as a USB drive on your PC. Just create a folder n64 there.
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    Put it there.
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    That's it, that's the correct place :P
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    Hi again this is a minor update.


    0.0.3 Changes
    • Cool new icon thanks to Nick L.
    • Overlay now visible by default, I left the ability to toggle it in for those using keyboards.
    • Added option to disable sound. It may increase performance I haven't seen evidence of this but others have so it's worth a try.
    • No noticeable changes that I know of with regards to compatibility or perf but there have been some little changes from the latest mupen64plus version.
    • Hope there aren't any regressions let me know if you think you've found one.

    One avenue I looked at for performance was using compressed textures however I haven't found this to be worthwhile yet, the n64 uses really small textures. It did lead me to thinking replicating the hi-res texture feature from the rice-video plugin wouldn't be that difficult but that is something I'll leave for later.

    One thing I'll explore is improving the batching of draw calls but this affects more of the code and will take longer. Before that I want to fix corrupt and missing menu screens.

    I'd like to thank those answering peoples questions and especially thank those who donated I appreciate it.
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    Thanks for the update!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Atreyu View Post
    Is this the right file for .3? The link is showing .2 and last updated on the 10th.
    Yep, it should be. I didn't bother editing the original post as it probably would need to be re-approved and there aren't that many changes in this version.
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    Just so you guys know overclocking DOES add a good performance boost.
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    anyone know how to get the ctrl and arrow keys working on a bluetooth keyboard? i checked the mugen64plus website to see the key mappings and ctrl is used for B and the arrows for the analog pad. all the other keys work fine.

    KeyboardSetup - mupen64plus - Default key bindings for Mupen64Plus emulator - N64 emulator and plugins for Linux, Mac OSX, FreeBSD, and Windows - Google Project Hosting
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    Thanks for the prog. Works great. Does anybody know if there is a n64 galaga rom? thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Metricity View Post
    Hi again this is a minor update.
    One avenue I looked at for performance was using compressed textures however I haven't found this to be worthwhile yet, the n64 uses really small textures. It did lead me to thinking replicating the hi-res texture feature from the rice-video plugin wouldn't be that difficult but that is something I'll leave for later.

    Great! Really the only game I play for the most part is Pokemon Stadium 2 and I've been having some funky issues when choosing my team (graphic layers all over the place). I can remember a few other emulators incorporating the hi-res textures, and it seemed to help out Pokemon Stadium. If that doesn't work, I'll see what resizing does.
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    I would love an option to toggle expansion pak on/off
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    Testing these with sound off in new version.

    1080 - Freezes on N64 logo. Worse
    Armorines - Figured out what I was doing wrong before. Anyway, ghosting gone. Decent framerate. The way Activision made these back then, it may have been the same anyway. Better
    Banjo Kazooie - Text ghosting is gone. More of the text is visible, especially if you get further on. Played with audio and the framerate is great.
    Banjo Tooie - crashed after looong opening cinema, haven't tried again. Same
    Batman Beyond - 2D ghosting gone. Played with sound and is perfect.
    Battletanx - will not load. Same
    Beetle Adventure Racing - Plays full speed. Textures are there. Better
    Blast Corps - crashes before menu screen. Same
    Body Harvest - Much faster framerate. Weird lines keep appearing all over the screen. Better
    Buck Bumble - runs smooth. Same
    Conker's Bad Fur Day - Same. Unplayable
    Diddy Kong Racing - WORKS. Tried it with sound and it seems great. Some minor texture pop-in.
    Donkey Kong 64 - One audio bite and then it crashes. Same
    Doom 64 - creashes before menu Same
    Earthworm Jim - 2D problem solved. Super smooth even with sound.
    Excitebike 64 - freezes before main menu. Same
    F-Zero X - Plays well with sound.
    Fighting Force 64 - Plays slow even with sound off. Screes is upside down. Better?
    Goldeneye - Nice and smooth. Better.
    Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine - won't load. Black screen. Same
    Jet Force Gemini - Black screen. Worse
    Kirby 64 - plays, but the screen is multiplied (and Kirby has weird lines for a face). The buttons now display in the right place as well as other places. Better.
    Mario Kart - Plays flawlessly.
    Mario Tennis - Super choppy. When it loads the characters aren't there, the backgrounds aren't always there. Unplayable. Better.
    Mickey's Speedway - Goes through main menu, asks about the rumble pak, crashes. Better
    Mischief Makers - Very choppy and graphics flash. Same
    NHL 99 - Very smooth and very playable. Better
    Nightmare Creatures - Much faster. Very playable. Better
    Nuclear Strike - Much smoother. Better
    Paper Mario - Still full of glitches. Maybe a bit less. Still playable.
    Perfect Dark - Very smooth with sound. Nearly flawless without. Better.
    Pilotwings 64 - graphical glitches and faster without sound. Still kind of playable. Same
    Pokemon Snap - graphics work perfectly. Can't turn the camera (may just be me not knowing how to do things) Same
    Quake - graphics glitches, flashing screen, clipping issues. Playable. Better.
    Quake 2 - choppy with onscreen enemies, clipping problems, semi-playable. Same
    RaMPAGE 2 - great
    Rayman 2 - slow load and then, audio no video. Same
    Rush 2 - Full speed. Better
    Shadowman - almost gets to the main screen and then just gets stuck with an image of the mask and the music playing Same
    Super Mario 64 - nearly flawless. A little slowdown or choppiness, but very very playable. Better, but not much
    Super Smash Bros - again it has the weird border, but runs very well with two characters onscreen. Better, but not much
    Turok - Sprite is gone. Game runs very smooth. Better.
    Turok 2 - Much smoother. No sprite blocking screen. Playable. Better
    Turok 3 - Smoother. Less clipping. Better
    Vigilante 8 - the menus are a black screen mostly, still. Still slow, but faster and more textures. better
    WWF No Mercy - Full speed. Better
    Wave Race - Much, much faster. Some slowdown when everyone is onscreen. Better
    Winback -FPS okay. Characters are black textureless shadows. Playable.
    Wipeout - Black screen. Won't load
    World is Not Enough - plays very very smooth for the little I played. No problems at all. Except, there doesn't appear to be any sound. Same
    Worms Armageddon - Screen is a bunch of stretch images. Unplayable. Same

    Games not tried, yet:
    Resident Evil 2 - super slow load, but eventually it gets to the main screen. The opening cinema has no audio. Crashes after opening cinema
    Road Rage 64 - smooth, but a little slow. The background/sky blocks out part of the screen, so its definitely having a problem with 2d sprites, again, and probably hardware fogging.
    Space Station Silicon Valley - Some missing polygons, but playable and at good speeds, too.
    Starfox 64 - plays really well. A little bit of choppiness, but very playable.
    Star Wars: Rogue Squadron - won't load. Just get a black screen with the control overlay
    Star Wars: Battle for Naboo - won't load. Black screen, no controls.
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    Just tried Ocarina of Time on v0.0.3, the sound appears to be improved from v.0.0.2., less "breakage". Also the framerate seems to be slightly better as well, not full speed yet but very very playable.

    Thank you MetriCity and all those involved for your efforts in developing this awesome program.

    Now if there is Wiimote Classic Controller support in the future, it would be a complete emulator :-)


    TP OC 1.5GHz
    Speed tweaks from PreCentral
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyBunny View Post
    Install preware, run it, make it handler for ipk files, browse the forum with the TP browser, tap on the link, it will open in Preware. Tap Install and you're done.
    bleh, nvm.. Just used WebOS Quick install like the other guy
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    Thanks Metricity! I just donated, and if you keep spitting out updates, I will be donating again in the future.
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    can we start a list of full playable games with sound on
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    Having a great time with this, my grandson is going to love it next time round, well done to the dev and many thanks :-)

    Just one little thing anything can be done with choppy sound on mario64, mario kart and diddy kong racing? Graphics are superb but sound a little off putting?
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    can't anyone port over n64oid seeing how its further polished? Curious
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