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    Wow thank you for making this x10000000000!!! Please keep up the development! FPS is more important than sound at the moment. Please add Bluetooth Keyboard support at least (Like in SuperNES)
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    Pokemon Stadium 2 - Playable with good FPS in battle, great sound in battle, load screen is all over the place, selection screen is glitchy (tap on the red circle where R would be repeatedly to see your selection choices).

    Pokemon Stadium 1 - Not playable. Freezes at load screen.

    Paper Mario - Spazes out when playing cutscenes, load screen was very smooth. Haven't gotten past the first cut scene as I wanted to protect my screen from any damage.
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    Hmmm...I've tried every variation mentioned here. Not having any luck. Black Screen only. I've done Luna Restarts each time, etc.

    Folder shows as /media/internal/n64, I have the .ipk in both that directory and /media/internal as well. Roms copied to both also.

    Any advice?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandage View Post
    Hmmm...I've tried every variation mentioned here. Not having any luck. Black Screen only. I've done Luna Restarts each time, etc.

    Folder shows as /media/internal/n64, I have the .ipk in both that directory and /media/internal as well. Roms copied to both also.

    Any advice?
    /media/internal/ is the root directory of your Touchpad when in USB mode connected to your computer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Link2999 View Post
    /media/internal/ is the root directory of your Touchpad when in USB mode connected to your computer.
    Yes, I have no issues with that. As I mentioned, I've copied both the .ipk and the roms to both of these directories. /n64 and the root media/internal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandage View Post
    Yes, I have no issues with that. As I mentioned, I've copied both the .ipk and the roms to both of these directories. /n64 and the root media/internal
    It should look like this


    On your computer it should look like this


    Install the ipk by opening it through Internalz. Run the N64 files by clicking on them, minimizing the card, and opening it back up.
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    Ugh...I'm an *****. Hadn't un-zipped the roms. Doh!
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    nevermind, i got it to work!
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    I was just gonna say you need to unzip.

    Some games do have a weird issue that the image is doubles around the edges of the screen, like a frame around a picture. Doesnt really affect the game though.

    Any expansion pak game does not seem to work.

    Also is there any way to exit back to the rom selection screen?

    I have just been closing/re opening the app.
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    Thanks for making this. Keep us up to date as you continue to add improvements.
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    1080 - About 1 FPS, choppy sound
    Armorines - FPS seems okay, but no onscreen controls, so can't get past menu. Ghosting problem with text
    Banjo Kazooie - Text ghosting problem, FPS seems good. A little slowdown in the wide open areas, but may be the same on 64
    Banjo Tooie - crashed after looong opening cinema, haven't tried again
    Batman Beyond - Great. Some ghosting of 2d effects (punching, etc)
    Battletanx - will not load
    Beetle Adventure Racing - plays about half speed. No textures on cars. Playable.
    Blast Corps - crashes before menu screen
    Body Harvest - runs very slow and a little choppy. Not really playable.
    Buck Bumble - runs smooth. Lack of hardware foggin means lots of pop-in, but very playable.
    Conker's Bad Fur Day - opening cinema is choppy and black screen. Graphics don't seem to display and very choppy audio/video.
    Diddy Kong Racing - Frame seems okay, but graphics are very glitched with stretched polygons. Crashes at main screen.
    Donkey Kong 64 - One audio bite and then it crashes.
    Doom 64 - creashes before menu
    ROM screen won't scroll, so that's all I can check right now.
    You can go to card view and back before you load the ROM and it won't have any problems.
    Waiting for a reset button, too.
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    Thank you so much for making my Touchpad more awesome than it already is!!

    The emulator works great and the button layout is incredible. As others had said, it would be great for a menu to tweak some options, different control layouts, save states, etc...

    Will donate as soon as possible
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    Earthworm Jim - framerate seems good in demo, but can't get into game a giant 2d sprite blocks the screen on startup.
    Excitebike 64 - freezes before main menu
    F-Zero X - plays very well. Has the odd border around the game. Getting past the car setup can be hard because the buttons disappear for some reason.
    Fighting Force 64 - freezes before main menu
    Goldeneye - choppy. Some of the sprites that would normally appear onscreen before gameplay get in the way. Generally slow framerate.
    Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine - won't load. Black screen.
    Jet Force Gemini - same stretched polygon glitches as Diddy Kong and Conker
    Kirby 64 - plays, but the screen is multiplied (and Kirby has no face). The buttons stay in the same place, but the screen shows them somewhere else. Playable with practice probably.
    Mario Kart - Slow framerate that gets choppy when there's more things on screen.
    Mario Tennis - crashes. Won't load
    Mickey's Speedway - Crashes before menu
    Mischief Makers - Very choppy and graphics flash
    NHL 99 - very choppy, but still almost playable. A lot of sprites block the screen while trying to start a game.
    Nightmare Creatures - Slow, but not really choppy
    Nuclear Strike - a little choppy, but playable
    Paper Mario - lots of graphical glitches, but still playable
    Perfect Dark - crashes before main menu
    Pilotwings 64 - graphical glitches and slow. Still kind of playable.
    Pokemon Snap - graphics work perfectly. Can't turn the camera (may just be me not knowing how to do things)
    Quake - graphics glitches, flashing screen, unplayable.
    Quake 2 - choppy with onscreen enemies, clipping problems, semi-playable.
    RaMPAGE 2 - great
    Rayman 2 - slow load and then, audio no video
    Resident Evil 2 - super slow load, but eventually it gets to the main screen. The opening cinema has no audio. Crashes after opening cinema
    Road Rage 64 - smooth, but a little slow. The background/sky blocks out part of the screen, so its definitely having a problem with 2d sprites, again, and probably hardware fogging.
    Rush 2 - a little slow, but very playable
    Shadowman - almost gets to the main screen and then just gets stuck with an image of the mask and the music playing
    Space Station Silicon Valley - Some missing polygons, but playable and at good speeds, too.
    Starfox 64 - plays really well. A little bit of choppiness, but very playable.
    Star Wars: Rogue Squadron - won't load. Just get a black screen with the control overlay
    Star Wars: Battle for Naboo - won't load. Black screen, no controls.
    Super Mario 64 - nearly flawless. A little slowdown or choppiness, but very very playable.
    Super Smash Bros - again it has the weird border, but runs very well with two characters onscreen.
    Turok - half the screen is taken up by a sprite that shows your state and the controls aren't actually visible, but it runs smoothly
    Turok 2 - the cinemas played pretty choppy and when it came to gameplay, the status sprites from part 1 take up the whole screen. Unplayable.
    Turok 3 - Lots of clipping and slowdown. No persistent sprite blocking the screen, so its playable to some degree.
    Vigilante 8 - the menus are a black screen mostly, but if you can get into the game, its there. Pretty slow and choppy though
    WWF No Mercy - a little choppy in the sound FX, but the game was always a bit slow, so it seems full speed to me. Very playable.
    Wave Race - same thing with the border. Plays at about 1/3 speed or less, depending on whos onscreen.
    World is Not Enough - plays very very smooth for the little I played. No problems at all. Except, there doesn't appear to be any sound.
    Worms Armageddon - Screen is a bunch of stretch images. Unplayable

    Those are all the ones i've played. Hopefully, it will help someone.
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    half of my ROMs arent showing up in the program for some reason
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    Thanks! Super Mario 64 runs really smooth.
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    Nice one Metricity, I'm a sucker for emulation and a new platform to check out the ROMs is always welcome.

    I'll be checking out Super Mario 64 later today, something else to get the previously gadget-skeptical OH hooked on
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    Great Job Metricity! Tried a few roms. Some work ok, others not so much. Looking forward to a full beta version. Thanks again.
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    OMG cant wait till this is perfected. ive been dieing for CM7 to finish android port just for n64oid, all i want to do is play n64 nothing else, i know i could play it on my i7 295gtx pc rig, but theres no fun in that, i wana sit anywhere pull out my wii classic pro and have the time of my life
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    Wow...that is like crazy simple and works very well. Not everything, but some stuff like Star Fox and Smash Brothers and Micro Machine Turbo all work for me (touch controls a little complicated). Very interesting and yes great job! Sorli...
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    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I've released an updated version with some fixes.

    Oops! the new version hides the controls. Touch the top of the screen in the middle to toggle them. Will fix it tomorrow.

    I don't know of any work being done with regards to multicore I imagine keeping things in sync would be a challenge. I haven't looked into it but if the graphics plugin doesn't modify a lot of shared memory putting that on the other core could be a big win. Some of the PC emulators for newer consoles have multicore support I believe.
    The other frontends might be of use in an XServer, a lot of them were for v 1.5 I think the wx frontend supports 1.99.

    I use images for the overlays so they can be edited easily. I plan to make the config and overlays more accessible by putting them into the same directory as the roms. The new scrolling should alleviate the need for smaller text. Scaling the screen is planned as rendering at a smaller res could boost perf.

    Your correct about the memory leak, I just left the os to kill it. That's been fixed, I did want to save on exit but you only get 1 second to do all the cleanup sometimes this wasn't enough and I didn't want corrupt saves so it's manual saving for the time being.

    I just had a quick look through the input code, there's a chance the keyboard support might work I don't know if you've tried it?
    Analog Pad is "Arrow Keys"
    C Up/Left/Down/Right are "I", "J", "K", "L"
    DPad Up/Left/Down/Right are "W", "A", "S", "D"
    Z trig is "z" key
    L and R trigs are "x" and "c"
    Start is "Enter" ("Return")
    A is "left shift"
    B is "left control"
    Select Mempack = ","
    Select Rumblepack = "."

    Yep I've seen some weird borders, they're not fixed yet but I think I know the cause. The games I've tried have said expansion pack detected, is there a particular one which doesn't work?

    Thanks for testing all those games, being able to scroll the rom list should make it easier now. I know turok 1 works better now however fog isn't enabled but see below for a way of enabling it. Knowing whether the game quits or stays black is helpful so cheers for that info.


    It may be worth trying different versions and regions if a game doesn't work, but some just crash whatever you try.

    If your a dev or feeling adventurous you can try tweaking some of the files in the installation directory /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/

    Any edits you make are likely to be overwritten when a new version is released so keep a copy.

    TouchOverlay.png and TouchOverlayKey.png these are for the controller overlay, the stick position is defined by 2 pixels. You can edit this to change the controls but you'll need to use the exact same colours for the key file.

    gles2n64.conf A lot of the resolution settings will cause the image to get squashed and tiled but some of the other graphics flags like fog can be tweaked.

    Changing the input ini file won't do much.

    Also running it from the terminal will give you some more information.

    Thanks again for the support, I've added a donate button but can't make any promises particularly with regards to performance.
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