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    About how long should it take to download and install preware cause i have been waiting about 25-30 mins for this to install and the circle just keeps spinning and saying installing idk what is going on or how to fix it other than unplugging it. The touchpad screen is in the usb connected mode and i believe everything is installed correctly if anyone else has had this problem and fixed it please help me out
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    Should only take a minute or two. Maybe after disconnecting, try rebooting your TouchPad, then following the steps again. Also, if you are using a Mac w/Lion installed, you need to make sure you have the up to date drivers.
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    i cant even get quicklaunch to download...ive went through all the steps and when i get to the step that tells me to click on download quicklaunch, there is no link for me to click and when i search preware in my palm app store all that comes up is preware documentation not the preware that i am able to download apps and patches

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