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    In the first few days of having my firesale TP battery life seemed to be as expected. I then installed Preware, installed a bunch of patches and overclocked to 1.5, and it seemed that my battery would drain faster than it had before. I installed Battery Monitor and Dr. Battery, which showed that I was consistently draining at 700+ mA, while often reaching 800-1000 mA.

    From reading through various threads, I figured this was a bit high, and wondered what I had installed that could be draining my battery more-quickly. I reverted to the stock kernel, uninstalled various patches and homebrew apps, but nothing worked.

    I finally think I've found the culprit though. I had installed the "Add Launcher Tabs" app (which I love), and uninstalled it to see if it could be the culprit. After restarting Luna, and monitoring my battery in the same situations I had previously monitored, I found that my battery is now back to the lower end of 500-600 mA.

    I'm happy to have finally found what seemed to be draining my battery more than normal. Has anyone seen anything similar with this app?
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    I also noticed the battery not lasting as long. I just removed the launcher add on and will let you know what I find out. The strange difference for me was the loss of battery while the unit sat in standby. It was losing about 25% of battery power over a 24hour period of no activity (screen off-idle). I don't remember it draining that fast before adding preware. Hopefully it will return to normal, it just seems odd that the launcher app would be the culprit. It doesn't make sense...
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    I highly doubt that adding two extra tabs to the application launcher would cause a 200mAh jump in power consumption. In fact, I can almost assuredly say that this is impossible. I would imagine something else, possibly Luna related, was causing the excess drain, and restarting Luna itself might have fixed the issue, and the removal of the extra tabs was simply a coincidence.

    I too have had off-and-on weirdness with power drain. One night, with the TP in standby/sleep, I went from ~50% to 18% in about 14 hours. The next day I only used it for about 30mins and it went from 18%-16%. I put it to sleep, and about 12 hours later I still had 16%. No idea what caused a 30% drop in power one night and 0% the next.
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    I have that patch installed and have added extra tabs myself. I see no difference in battery drain.
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    Indeed, maybe it was a coincidence. If anyone sees any correlation, I'd be interested in hearing it. Could the fact that Add Launcher Tabs is not a patch, but an actual Linux App account for anything?

    Again, I'm going off what I am seeing, but concede that there may be other things at play. I did read of some people having weird issues with the app not displaying the tabs and such, so maybe something wonky happened? Either way, I'm am glad the battery has seemed to sort itself out. I'm idling at 480 mA right now, numbers I haven't seen before on my TP.
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    I'm rebooting mine at least once a day to clear up strange behavior. I wonder if something is causing 'runaway' or orphaned processes in the background that should have been terminated.

    I may begin using the Reboot Scheduler app (Preware) to do this automatically at night. (I had to stop using it because it turns off the alarm clock. LCARs Clock takes care of that for me.)
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    As an update, it seems that--like many people suspected--this actually probably wasn't the culprit. I'm now still averaging about 700. But at this point, I need to let it go. I still have more than enough battery for what I need during the day, and a charger is never far away.

    I don't know if anyone else is like this, but I get a bit OCD about my batteries, so I just went ahead and removed my battery monitor apps. It's too easy for me to focus on what really only amounts to a few lost minutes in battery life and miss all the awesome things I get from my TouchPad.
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    700+mA isn't that much considering the big screen.

    On a 6000mAh battery you will get (6000mAh*3600s)/700mA = 30856seconds = 8,5h out of your device.
    A drain of 1000mA will give you 6 hours of use. Both of these examples are when you use it all the time without putting the device to standby. Also, the real capacity on the TP's battery is higher than 6000mAh.

    EDIT: Btw, mAh is not consumption, it's capacity in this case. mA is consumption. Always good to know.
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