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    Quote Originally Posted by 3138NV View Post
    Sprint subscribers have the ability to log-on to the web and use what's called a Web Texter (powered by Zipwhip). This allows you to send and receive messages on the web via your unlimited texting plan. This works via the TP browser and for me, it's nice to have up when I'm working. It sure beats texting someone on your phone when you're working on your TP.

    I think an app/client dedicated to this Sprint feature would be great. Although the using it via the TP's browser is functional, it is sort of clumsy. For example, if you have multiple conversations going on, the dialog boxes just stack on top of each other and they can't be moved around like you can do on PC's web browser.
    I just posted the above under the Apps Requests thread.

    Or how about a patch for Sprint users that gives them Zipwhip texting capabilities via the built-in Messaging app?
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    I have a couple to throw out there, things I miss from my time with the other guys:

    -A scroll bar on the side to tell you where you are in the page.
    -Some sort of drag and select function to pinpoint where your cursor will be placed in a line of text.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brandonp2 View Post
    I would only like to see one thing; change the upper left top bar from HP webOS to....Palm webOS. Not a huge HP fan any longer, and the Palm name up there seems to be fitting.
    +1 any way to get rid of all HP references and replaced with palm
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    I've got what seems like an easy and simple one:
    Make the keyboard which appears when typing web addresses be the default keyboard throughout the OS. I love the .com button!
    HP Touchpad: I just cant quit you, baby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maturin View Post
    I've got what seems like an easy and simple one:
    Make the keyboard which appears when typing web addresses be the default keyboard throughout the OS. I love the .com button!
    You can patch this manually.

    Changing keyboard layout on Touchpad - WebOS Internals

    My wishlist is not big but I would really love it;
    Browser loading in the background.
    Vibration on key-press on virtual keyboard (a.k.a haptic feedback?)
    Back button on bottom instead of top (browser)
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    Show video thumbnails (ala itunes). Its a simple thing that makes the video player much nicer to look at. This is something that would be for all webos versions.
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    An invisible, non-(or password-)deletable app which modifies the resolv.conf file on each internet connection to point to OpenDNS and report to them what is the current IP address like OpenDNS Updater. If I am paying for a phone, I should get to decide what content is allowed.

    Update: Oops, sorry, this is a phone request. The Touchpad already gets that control as it is implemented in my router. It would still be desirable if I am the one who paid for a TP.
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    I'm working on the haptic feedback. So far, I can't isolate it to just the keyboard. It vibrates on all touches (and crashes regularly). Personally, I find haptic feedback really annoying, but I saw I requested, thought it would be an easy place to start, so i'm working on it.

    Also, someone mentioned seeing "favorites" thumbnails when opening the browser. This can be done in Advanced Browser (.99 in app catalog). It costs money, but it's well worth it!

    Devs are listening, keep the ideas rolling!
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    patch to allow the browser to download any file type I hate going into linux just to download a file its mad annoying and stupid I hate that crap they do it in android too
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    also a password saver for the web browser
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    Please develop Launcher patch with "Preferences" and "Edit Mode" features similar to the Palm Pre Launcher.
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    downloading from secured websites.
    patch thread here:
    if any has the same problem, please write it there. thanks
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    By default webOS picks up all media available on usb partition and indexes it for music and photos app. And same applies for exhibition mode.

    I keep my media in a specific folder and do not want webOS to look into any other folder. A preference option to specify what folder I want to get indexed with the music/photos app will be highly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artemonster View Post
    downloading from secured websites.
    patch thread here:
    if any has the same problem, please write it there. thanks
    +1 on this, no point having a excellent rss reader to identify papers you want to read, only to not be able to open them because the touchpad can't deal with pdfs from a secure site - a majopr oversight.
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    Someone has requested a thumb version of the keyboard but I would just love to have arrow keys added to the existing one.

    Basically create a patch that adds a small key in the top right row of the software keyboard where there is currently empty space. When tapped, a micro 4 key extension (box) slides up right above with 4 directional arrow. Tap arrows to move cursor around. This would be HUGE in document editing and email writing.
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    The ability to change the default programs, especially the web browser. I would like to use advanced web browser as my default.
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    One thing I'd like is the ability to have a restart button on the menu button where the date and battery level is. I hate having to go looking for device info and then to the reset options to hit the restart button. Also VNC would be great. It would be awesome to control another computer through the TouchPad.
    I know there are some good options out there for solitaire but spider solitaire specifically would be great.
    I'd love to see apps specifically for hockey like The Hockey News or an app all about the Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens and the long awaited Winnipeg Jets. I would surely have those apps.

    I forgot to add one more thing. How about some sort of of desktop client where I can easily sync all my music, movies and pictures like the Blackberry Desktop Software. I don't know where to put my movies so I can watch them on the TouchPad.

    A mixed bag of nuts but it would be great to have these in hand.


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    how about a patch on the weekly calender view so that all day events freeze at the top of that day (like they do in a single day view) instead of getting lost at the top by 12a.m.
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    Email - keep message from being automatically "read" when viewing

    I'd like to see a patch for the email client to allow a setting to keep emails from automatically switching to "read" when I click on them. I'd like the ability to manually control this with a "mark as read" button. We already have a "mark as unread" button so why not. Perhaps give me an option to set the default to perform this behavior. This really messes up my desktop Outlook client when I'm simply quick browsing emails on my TouchPad.

    Thanks for taking the time to ask users what we'd like to see. Honestly, I'd be willing to pay a little something (App Catalog or Donation) to see this done.
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    Calendar - Free/Busy & Private

    I'd like to see the option to mark an event as "private" and to choose my availability status - "busy", "free", "out of office" or "tentative". This is just to bring calendar functionality up to par with Outlook. Right now if I create an appointment I have to go back to my desktop Outlook client to make these very basic changes.
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