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    I need to find a way to prevent others from changing the TP while still being able to use it.

    I have seen this topic before but I didn't care, until now. *My phone is always with me so it isn't a problem, and the PCs have separate user accts. *

    Now there is the TP sitting at home most of the time. *Everyone can use it but I don't want to let everyone make changes to it. *I really don't want to get proficient at doctoring or restoring.

    I don't really care if each app has to be locked, or if they get grouped and the whole page gets locked, or if they are just hidden (out of sight, out of mind). *I*doubt that I am the only one in this spot.

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    I would like this ability in some shape or form as well, I just like the ability to have some privacy sometimes when available and necessary.
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    i want to know how to do this as well ..

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