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    Youview seems to be picking up my calls to quick for me to answer. Seems like on the second ring. I can't find anywhere to configure this. Am I missing the setting? Does it pick up different for known callers vs unknown? btw. Love the app.
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    any setting like that would be set at or the carrier, not in the app.
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    I must be really dumb because I've been on the website for a while and can't find anywhere that you can change that setting. Could someone point me in the right direction?

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    I think that's a Sprint thing.

    Number of rings before the phone auto-forwards (by default to Sprint Voicemail...but changed via the conditional call forwarding to the YouMail number).
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    So does that mean that whatever I had my sprint vm set up to answer now Youmail has that as a default. I'm not sure I'm following you...
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    Yes it would be a carrier setting. How YouMail works is by using a feature called conditional call forwarding. Whatever that value is set to, then that is when YouMail will pick up. I am not sure how to change this for each carrier but please post if you do.
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