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    Quote Originally Posted by ajmboy View Post
    I doubt it, aren't they the starter and subscribed to this thread? I guess they have notifications turned
    Gotta at least try.
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    I contacted Syntactix also to see if they would fix it. I agree it couldn't hurt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caspenny76 View Post
    I contacted Syntactix also to see if they would fix it. I agree it couldn't hurt.
    It's too late for me. I would have gladly paid for an updated Version of the app, but I can't wait on voicemail as it is essential need. So I'll come up with another plan.

    Too bad, I love webOS... it is still the best UI out there. But all this stuff is the effect of the vote of no confidence HP gave to their own OS. Coupled with no new hardware, it doesn't make sense for even the loyal developers to spend money to support a dwindling user base that right now can NEVER grow.

    And remember, they don't make a dime on bugfixes. Especially when the problem was caused by the service vendors software upgrade - which they owe to their other customers to provide the best product possible. No blame here, just a shame it's going down this way.

    I'll have a working Palm phone, but no services which will work on it other than standalone programs and games.
    "Sometimes I feel like an OS-less child..."
    (with apologies to Billie Holiday )
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    Well assuming nothing bad happened to the missing developers, some kind of announcement would be nice. Especially with an app like this that must have a lot of users since it was once an hot apps award winner.
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    Ok, so since youview stopped working I tried using youmail's mobile site but ended up frustrated because I would have to log in every time.

    I discovered that if I use the youview app and from help select go to youmail's website I am logged in and it works good. Plus webos being webos one can open each message in a new card in a stack. Not too shabby
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