What We Do...

Syntactix provides high quality business-wide solutions to help clients achieve their management and system development objectives. Regardless of the size of your company or the complexity of your project, our team brings your innovation to life.

Syntactix offers a proven, effective, intuitive product development process that enables you to delivers high quality products on time, and within budget. With extensive practical knowledge backed by many years of actual engineering experience, our group successfully provides detailed system design reviews to identify potential issues and problem areas and provides meaningful recommendations.

Who We Are...

Our team of experts hold advanced degrees in engineering, physics, and business management. Domain experience in a variety of environments allow us to fully emmerse ourselves into our clients industry.

Providing a full portfolio of solutions, Syntactix can help you develop full scale business plans, develope RFP's, provide technical training, teach tools and processes regarding decision and risk anlysis, consult on system designs, or even implement your design. We champion the belief that accurate and clear definition of true requirements is a key success factor in acheiving results.

How We Can Help...

At a high level, the system development processs involves system design and then system implementation. The same party often does both but that doesn't have to be the case. Syntactix designs and implements simple to complex systems that bring innovation to life.

We also design business plans and offer consulting services that enable a busines to operate at its performance peak. Our Clients, ranging from established companies to new start-ups, turn to us to turn their dreams into reality.

For inquires that do not relate to the applications developed by Syntactix for Palm's WebOs please use the contact form located here.