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    Homebrew App Catalog Link


    We would like to greatly thank the community for all their help over the past week. We look forward to adding many more features in the near future. In the mean time you can grab a copy of Pack 'n' Track from the official app catalog. Don't forget to write us a glowing review .

    Pack n Track is a shipment tracking application that supports Federal Express (FedEx), United Parcel Service (UPS), the United States Postal Service (USPS), and Deutsche Post (DHL). Begin by entering a tracking number from one of the supported curriers and Pack n Track will begin tracking your package immediately. Dont worry about specifying which currier the number belongs to as Pack n Track is smart enough to figure out which tracking numbers belong to each currier. Pack n Track is integrated into the WebOs environment so it still tracks your packages even if it is not open on your phone using minimal resources! Pack n Track will also provide you with status change notifications each time the currier updates the status of you package. These notifications work just like your email notifications and are configurable so you can even turn them completely off or have Pack n Track only notify you when the package has been delivered. In addition to status notifications, Pack n Track will also provide you with some additional details (subject to currier availability) about your package such as its estimated date of arrival, the packages weight, what service the package was shipped under, who signed for it once delivered, and where it was left at when delivered. It doesnt stop there though, we are working hard to bring you additional curriers and useful tools such as a zip code finder/decoder, the ability to find shipping locations near you, and an estimated shipping cost calculator plus much much more!

    We still don't fully support FedEx Smart Post or USPS Mailbox Innovations. We will only track once the delivering currier has the package.

    Change Log is available here
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    Shouldn't this be in Homebrew?

    You should apply for Dev status and then get it moved over...

    Nice job though!
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    great idea. I'll probably check this out sometime "tomorrow".
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Kind of neat, but it'd be even cooler if it could draw a map for each package to follow where it is. As of now, it looks like maybe it's just a modified version of the RSS reader? Nothing wrong with that, I was just wondering.
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    This is an application that we can download and use already?
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    Quote Originally Posted by diyeiogt View Post
    This is an application that we can download and use already?
    Yea its attached to the post...

    Post up some screenshots.
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    Wow this is really neat. Like posted earlier, a map showing where the package goes would be cool. By the way, when I erase the feeds for samples, they come right back... weird.
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    I found a bug where when you go to type in a tracking code, and then go into card view, the text box disappears. I was trying to copy the code from Amazon in another card to the app by hand but gave up as it was pretty much impossible.
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    The information makes it useful, but a map would take it to the next level if there's enough information in the feed to extrapolate from.
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    wow thanks this is great, always wanted a app like this
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    Could we get a screeny of this app?
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    i can't delete the examples. they keep coming back
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    Very cool!

    Like others have said, maps would be cool, and the samples won't delete.

    It would also be nice to have a refresh button on the homepage, rather than having to go into the menu, but that one's no biggie.

    Using it now to track my Touchstone!
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    Sounds nice... Screenshots would b great! Can't wait to try it out.
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    wow now this is useful, ill get it when I actually order something online...


    Now if I could only track my rebates...
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    Awesome App. Thanks!!!!
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    after you swipe your samples away they pop right back in. Can you setup it up so we can delete them and not have them come back?
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    If you add a package of your own, the samples stay gone.
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    Great app, however as I'm typing the tracking number, I need to swipe to my e-mail to see the information, and swipe back to enter the numbers. Whenever I do that, the input box is gone and I have to start all over again.
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    Nice app. Thank You.
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