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    Hey everyone,

    A long time ago I made some fan art for Mr. Robitaille, but he never got back to me.

    I've never been to Canada, but my mother's side of the family is from there (French-speaking and all). So, I guess you could say I'm half-Canadian?

    Anyway, here's a background for you phone if you'd like it (the p|c is for Pre| It's all 3D geometry - the textured lines are 3D objects behind a frosted glass texture:


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    Look nice. Jason rocks!
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    that looks fantastic, eh!
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    I wanna formally apologize for not getting back to you. I get a lot of mail daily and its not uncommon for some to get missed, sorry.

    I do have to say that background looks freaking awesome though. Any chance ya still have the source? I'd love to see an 800x480 version for the Pre3, and maybe, if possible, without the P|C lettering. Regardless, this is my dev Pre2's new wallpaper, thanks
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    Oh, hey Jason. No hard feelings for not getting back to me, I knew at the time you were a busy dude.

    I was looking for the source files before I posted but I must've named them something weird. I'll render it in a higher res for you, and remove the p|c, when I find them.
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    800x480 is a weird resolution (widescreen?) - so I had to build some more geometry to extend the image - it's seamless

    The second image is 480x320.

    Thanks again, Jason! If I wasn't so poor I'd simply donate
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