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    is it possible to get the artist series wallpaper from somewhere without having to install the app? I do not have a Palm phone, but I think the wallpapers look great and would like to have them.
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    what artist series? can you be more specific
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    He's talking about the Artist Series cases I believe. There is no wallpaper released for these, and I doubt anyone is willing to take the time creating wallpapers out of these for a first-time poster. Nothing personal, but new posters always ask for stuff and never return to get it if someone put the time in filling the request.

    These are the artist series cases for the Pixi:
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    Uhm, no, I usually return. I would not take the time to register if I were not serious about the matter.

    artlife: I meant those:
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    You'll need someone with a Pixi to download that app and pull the images for you. Perhaps there is a Pixi user reading this who will be willing to do this for ya!
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    got em.
    how did i do it?
    went to the app catalog, got the artist series app. downloaded it. applied all 5 pictures as my background, one after the other.
    put my pixi into usb drive on my mac.
    then went to terminal and typed in:

    "defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true"

    to show all hidden files.
    clicked on my usb pixi and chose the ".wallpapers" folder
    there they were. and here they are

    now if you could please help ME in finding the two wallpapers that came with the Pre plus and the Pixi plus on O2 and Vodafone in Germany O.O
    as seen here:

    Palm DE: Mobile Produkte für Privatkunden, berufliche Nutzer und Unternehmen

    please please PLEASE if you find em. PM me them :O
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