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    Hey all,

    I have a lot of cool wallpapers, and I would like a way to have it randomly change every hur, or every day or whatever.

    Saw about Switcharoo, but doesn't look like it is being maintained, so, any ideas?

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    I use switcharoo and it woks perfectly there seems to be 2 versions though the app catalog and homebrew. The app catalog one does not let you use your own wallpaper where as the homebrew one does.

    As far as not being maintained the one in the app catalog was updated last month and I am now unable to find the one in homebrew anymore looks like it may have been replaced by a demo. I hope they bring it back or at the very least offer a paid version that allows me to use my own wallpaper not what someone else thinks I may want on my phone. That is the only thing keeping me from buying the one in the app catalog.

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