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    Just a couple of Detroit inspired wall papers. I am open to taking requests for wall papers as long as they are related to the city of Detroit. I'm proud to be from there and I will especially work on Red Wings wall paper requests(big fan)

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    I like the cityscape! Very nice
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    how bout us lions and tigers fans? that is a nice cityscape.
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    that first one is sick.. thanks
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    Can I get the Joe Louis fist? Or did they take that joint down? Aight been to the D in a while.
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    Very nice..
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    first oje is a wings.tigers,lions, and pistons fan. I'm also a michigan wolverine fan as well. If you could make some wallpapers of any or all of them it would be awesome.

    btw the wings are starting to kick ***...nobody is going to want to face them in the playoffs.
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    can you do a tribute to the former mayor?

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