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    I manipulated these pictures to incorporate the Palm logo. Optimized for Palm Pre wallpaper.
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    Thanks, wasn't sure but did see a pic of Jon Rubenstein in a lobby type area with that logo on the wall. Thanks for the compliment though!
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    nice, work. precut logo on my palm pre now. thanks +
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    Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy them!
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    Nice work...
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    Fantastic! I really like the colors on the 2nd one.
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    Thank you - i like that one too
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    love the whit w/ orange stripe.. Using it now.. Thanks!
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    Here are some of mine.
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    nice work
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    very cool-- thx
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    Thx nice
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    So Catwoman is using a pre...
    Somehow i always knew
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    Here's some Palm sunbursts I whipped up:
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