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    so I just got final fantasy 13 and iv ebeen loving it so far. I've only seen 1 wallpaper for the iphone/pre though. Here it is

    if anybody has more or is willing to make some that would be awesome
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    So you don't have to go to the link. BTW, I've been waiting for this game. Can't wait to get it.
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    there are some great FF themes also. Check those out !
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    Hooray for FFXIII!! Here are some I cropped down from the desktop wallpapers available on the official website:
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    ... and some cropped from images I found on Google (with a Crisis Core for good measure):
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    Hey, what program do you use to crop your photos? I'm more into the MMO type final fantasy games, can't wait for FFXIV...been playing FFXI for 7 years now. I haven't found any FFXIV pre/pixi wallpapers. Thanks.
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    I actually just use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to resize and crop. I use GIMP to retouch or clean things up if needed.
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    Here are some for XIV. I took screen captures of the website (since no downloadable images are yet available) and cropped them.
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    wow guys these are awesome! And just so you know FF XIII is great I've already been playing it for 7 or so hours and I just got it last night!
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    Thanks man
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    does anybody else have any FF XIII backrounds? or for that matter any FF backrounds cus the ones that are here are Great!
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    really there are no more?
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    Any specific ones in the series?
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    Here are some. Let me know which games in the series you would like.
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    I would love 7 10 and 13...those are the best...
    and thanks for the ones you've posted..they are very good
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    haha sweet thread.. just was playin this on my ps3.. will def be using some of these!!
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    These are great!

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