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    Don't know if this has been done here before, but... oh well.
    Wallpaper is from Apple's Leopardİ, dock is something I threw together very quickly (I think it may need more work but I'm very lazy right now).

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    If you want to share the wallpaper, you will need to take the one on the right, resize it to 320x480, and attach it to your post for others to be able to grab.

    Helpful hint: when sharing wallpapers in the threads, it helps to attach them using the 'attachments' icon (paperclip). This way fellow PreCentral members can grab them directly from their Pre's and Pixi's.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    I like it Mr. Roman. I chromed the dock a little bit more, I like your idea a lot, thanks for sharing.
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    What about this "BAD BOY"
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    looks nice
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    Nice thanks for sharing!

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