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    I figured I'd post a few of my Canada themed wallpapers. If anyone has any others, I'd love to see them
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    Canada has phones now? I'll help with the Canadian theme for ya!

    Actually - those are some nice wallpapers!
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    Thanks Jason! Now my phone can be patriotic just in time for the Olympics.
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    i'm not canadian but i think canada has the most visually appealing flag. yea yea i'm a designer. we care about superficial things like that.
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    Jason, in the first design, could you raise the maple leaf up on the white background just a touch? I find the bottom of the maple leaf is being cut off by the taskbar. Thanks again.
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    Congrats to my northern neighbors on your mogul gold!

    its been an good olympics thus far Canada has some of the most enthusiastic and positive spectators I have seen, they seem to appreciate and really enjoy each performance, even if they aren't on the medal stand, rock on.
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    Got to love canada
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    A few new to add..
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    Thanks HelloNNNewman, I've been using the second one posted by Jason since the day he posted it, I like your second one, I think I'll be using it very soon...
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    are there any new wallpapers?
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    Canadian for life
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    Here's 3 more... Happy (Short Work Week) Long Weekend Canada Day!!
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