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    Hi guys,

    I'm an airline pilot and I have had the PRE since launch day and love it. I have talked many of the people I fly with (Pilots and Flight Attendants) to switch to the PRE. I use themes all the time and MANY ask if there is theme for OUR airline?

    Here is the Cash Flow Opportunity: Someone with the talent should make a theme of all the major US airlines out there and I am sure you will get a lot of "Donations" for your work.

    I personally would start with US Airways B757 first

    Here is a good link for Aircraft Pictures.

    Photo Search Results |

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    You posted this request before HERE, but never left any feedback on on the wallpapers that were placed for you... now, you are creating a new post asking for the same thing (but with more direction). Granted, the wallpapers I put up ended up not being what you were looking for, but I wasn't about to spend more time creating more papers until I got some feedback to let me know if they were going in the direction you wanted.

    I don't mind helping out and spending time searching, cropping, modifying, blending, etc... images for members (and doing it for free) to have wallpapers they are happy with, but if we spend time creating these things to answer requests, at least have the courtesy to respond and say 'yes, that is what I wanted', or 'no, could you change this, or this'. My girlfriend is an attendant with US Airways, so I don't mind helping, but not if I'm going to spend time for no feedback.
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    Are you just looking for wallpapers or an entire theme?
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