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    I seem to get this any time I use the send attachment option on the Pre forums when people post pictures. I have to actually go to my computer save the picture and re send it and even then it's 50/50 . Most of the files are jpeg format and I was just wondering if anyone else had this issu?
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    I had this issue, but if you scroll down in your email you will see a small thumbnail there. Click on it, and then click copy to photos. It should showup in one of your photo folders. For me it's in the downloads folder. Hope this helps!
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    ...just started getting this today. I've downloaded dozens of wallpapers via email, and it used to work well. (haven't done it for a few weeks, though, so I don't know when this might have started.)

    It used to work like... Open the email, click on the attachment, the photo would open, and one could copy the photo to the device.

    Today, when the attachment is clicked on, the message "Cannot find an application which can open this file.", pops up! It's a freakin' jpeg!?! ...hello, SMARTphone?! ;-)

    ...yes, the image is visible in the body of the message, down at the bottom, and yes, one can then copy the file to photos....

    but, shouldn't it work correctly? it used to.

    another little bug for 1.4 to squash. ...I hope. ;-)
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    Worked great.. Thanks.. :-)

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