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    Was just wondering if anyone knew how to get a hold of the background used on the pre and pixi plus in the pre's screen resolution. I thought it looked kind of neat. Thanks.
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    the pre plus has the same res screen as pre im sure it should be no problem to find
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    Yeah I was just trying to say I wanted it pre format and not pixi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshH37 View Post
    Yeah I was just trying to say I wanted it pre format and not pixi.
    Its been posted on the threads a few times. Here's a link to one (just scroll about half way down)...
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    Here you go...
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    sweet but can someone who picked up a pre plus upload all of the included palm wallpaper?? would be awesome thank you!
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    Yeah, all the wallpapers would be great!
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    Yes please...any Pre Plus users want to share all their factory loaded wallpapers?
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    Here you guys go all the Palm Pre Plus wallpapers

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    wow these are all the same that came on my pixi (sprint) except for the second to last pic so I thank you for the one I didn't have
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