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    sorry if it's a dup thread, but searched and didn't find one.

    anyhow... thread title says it all. has anybody come up with a palm lady wallpaper. despite the title, i think she's pretty cool (maybe a just tad bit creepy).

    anyone with any wallpapers with her?
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    Aaaah, she is so creepy!! I dunno why you want this... here's one, but it doesn't have much in the way of background
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    what size wp are ya lookin for? i'll make one for ya

    btw her names Tamara Hope.. and here's a not so creepy pic of her lol
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    Wow, she is really pretty, can't believe she signed up for those weird ads...
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    thanks, tarirene... and for the offer, klubhead. i wish palm would bring her back. the creepy part (along with multi-tasking) is what sold me.
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    She gets a bad wrap for no reason, imo. Those inventive ads are what made me check out the Pre in the first place instead of just going straight for an iPhone.

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