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    Made these at work...digging the colors.
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    Very nice images.
    Maybe you would consider putting some of them in compressed files and uploading them. That way we could get groups of them.
    You did some spiritual and planetary things. Any thoughts on doing something with the Zodiac?
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    thanks. Good call on the compressed folder...not sure why I didn't originally. As far as creating a zodiac set, if I find some cool ones, I'll use em. Again, I don't create the art in these wallpapers, I just find things i like and turn them into wallpapers.
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    i'm still trying to get a zipped package of these for download....until then, here's some more.
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    This is what I'm using. It's sized 600 x 800 but my Pre fits it perfectly to the screen. It's by Martin Tazl:
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcmarrocco View Post
    It seems so many of the standard wallpapers are naked chicks or sports teams...haha...I wonder if anyone even wants these....hahahahaha.
    You must be a Muse fan. The first one in this group is the horse artwork from the single Knights Of Cydonia and the 2nd and 3rd is the artwork from the single Glorious. I use the horse from KOC in my wallpaer too as seen in my avatar. Nice work.
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    These are so sick. It's great to see stuff besides naked chicks and sports teams.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnohara View Post
    These are so sick. It's great to see stuff besides naked chicks and sports teams.
    Couldn't agree more. Great wallpapers!
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