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    Heya guys,

    Searching found me few results for good wallpapers from Avatar, the (unbelievable) movie, so I made these. There are 11 stills, then I "backgroundified" them making the same 11 stills darker, with a bluish tint. Personally, I set up the free version of Switcheroo to flip through the normal stills, then I used the backgroundified ones for my music app and scrim patches. You can, of course, use them however you want.

    I didn't know the scrim patches required PNG, so they're all in JPG except for the 3 scrims I used, which I included. If somebody wants to upload this pack with all of the pics converted to PNGs feel free, I spent too much time (on the clock) making these already! :P

    Here's your preview:


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    Cool Movie!! Thanks for the Wallpapers
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    Yerp thanks for the comment!
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    sweet, going to see movie soon, and getting a pre in feb, will be back to get these thanks ahead of time.

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