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    I thought it would be nice to have a thread for folks to post their original art and photography. I have hopefully successfully attached some of mine.
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    are those photos from your Pre camera? if they are, wow! I know the camera can take good pics, but those are really nice (maybe my hands are just too shakey -LOL)
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    No, they are not from the pre cam. Although I did take some at sunset after a storm through my car window that I may try and make into wallpaper.
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    Here are a few more including some digital painting and one
    from an image I made in Bryce many years ago.
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    wow I didn't realize there was a lightbox type preview when you click a thumbnail- awesome!
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    HaguroSan digital painting is very nice! I did this one after a series of x-mas ones. No where near as detailed as yours. Do you use a pen pad or some such? (I plan on getting one soon, looking at wacom bamboo)
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    My wallpapers are a mix of digital paintings and photographs. Haguro-San started off as a photo my mother took, to which I applied various effects and added light etc. The lighthouse I did in Painter X. I use a Wacom I've had for several years. The Sailing image I actually created in Bryce about 10 years ago, and recently dug it out and applied the Fractalius filter. Having a good tablet helps, as does a program that responds like traditional paint media, like Painter and similar apps.
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    Here's a few more
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    I am just trying things out, so these are pretty raw.
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    I like the snowflakes...what program are you using?
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    Quote Originally Posted by artlife View Post
    I like the snowflakes...what program are you using?
    Fireworks, right now, I may switch over to another program when I get a tablet w/ pen.
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    This is the only background I use that is an original image, taken and edited by my wife... the only thing I did was size it for my Pre. ha

    Still one of my favorite backgrounds.
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    Pretty cool... Where is that?
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    Believe it or not that's just a water feature outside of a housing development here in the Phoenix area. haha

    The way she shot and edited it makes it look way cooler than it actually appears in real life. Of course, she does the same thing when she takes people's pics... she makes them lok way better too.
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    lol I've got a few small watergarden ponds, got lights in one of them, and looking at the pic I was thinking man that would be awesome to have a lit-up waterfall
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    Here is an original that I made.

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    All photos were taken somewhere in Europe during one of my travels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brandner88 View Post
    Love it!
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    Great photos! I like the filter you used in the first one. The train photo is excellent.
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