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    Since we have an overabundance of pics of scantily clad ladies on here I thought i would do these to balance the scales a bit. Let me know if you like & I will do some more.

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    it's a quiet day at the office so i thought i would put my time to a good use...

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    Yummy. Thanks.
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    I'm bored, its cold out & I have nothing better to do that go thru my pic collection & make a few new wallpapers... Enjoy!
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    p.s. more revealing versions are available upon request - didn't want to post anything too racy here as it might upset the powers that be

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    Yer a darlin girl (girl I hope) and thanks for evening the playing field!
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    ... so here are a few more pics for the ladies & the laddies

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    Resurrection of old thread bump, purely for self-indulgence and enjoyment! :-)
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    And i am at work & in a mood...

    Found these on a website called - i claim no ownership to them just putting them out there for all to enjoy...
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    and a few more...
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    Haha, cool thread
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    Yummy EYE Candy!

    and ZERO Calories! Thanks

    Its my birthday in a few weeks, can I have one for a present? hahahahaaaaaaaaa
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    for those who like their men a little less 'pretty'...
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    and a few more for good measure...
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    I hope I don't ruin my computer by drooling on the key board, LOL. Yummy eye candy right there. Thank you for sharing. I have the Pixi and I'm not sure how to save them as my wallpaper. I will figure it out though hehe. To bad we can't have more than one wallpaper huh, lmao

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