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    a variety of Zelda-based wallpapers
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    Super Smash Bros, Spongebob, Invader Zim, Star Trek XI, Mountain Dew, Futurama, 67 Mustang "Eleanor"

    Of course, many of these are just found and cropped, but some are made from scratch/combining multiple images (i.e. Metroid visor images). Willing to take some requests if you like what you see.
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    Thank you for making a SpongeBob, I absolutely love it!!!!!
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    Thanks for the work on Samus!
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    nice zelda
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    Wow Great work!

    any chance we can see a bullet bill from any Mario bros game... or maybe many Mario games?

    Thanks again!
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    Awesome stuff. Definitely liking the Metroid and Zelda wallpapers.
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    these are nice
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    Awesome. Thanks, I'm diggin' these for sure!
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    I like this one
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    hic hic, can u play games )

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