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    Im no graphics guru, but I notice that in the photo viewer that several of the wallpapers Ive tried out look far more pixelated when set as a wallpaper, versus when viewed 'full screen'.

    Why is this? Is it my images, or is it the nature of the beast?
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    I would guess they are the wrong resolution. A surprising number of wallpapers posted here have not been cropped/scaled to 320x480.
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    All the ones Ive made were 320x480, and display great in the photo viewer, its just when applied as a wallpaper that it looks all pixelated.
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    I've noticed in the emulator (don't get my Pre 'til tomorrow!) that if you set the wallpaper through the Photos app it's pixellated, but if you go through the screen settings "app" (forget the exact name), they show up properly.
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    All the 320x480 pics I've used and or/created and used on my Pre have not displayed pixelated. And the route I take to set them as a wallpaper is through the Photo app.
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    hmmm... This isn't normal behavior I'm curious what program do you use for making your wallpapers and what route do you use to put them on the phone? Does this happen with all images or just ones that you made?
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    I haven't noticed any degradation between source and wallpaper, but all the images I use are original aspect 320x480. As far as the image itself, consider the source... If the source image for the wallpaper was scaled up, say from a smaller image from the internet, you will get a pixelated image when you stretch it. If you are at the same scale or scaled down, the image will be as good as the source was, but if the scale is off stretching (aspect distortion) will occur.

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