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    I for some reason am completely spacing how to do this, i searched and no luck...anyone?
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    orange key, sym key and P at the same time. There is no visual or audio alert to tell you that it worked but it will put the screenshot in a folder called Screen Captures in your photos.
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    all you have to do is push the orange button + shift + might get two photo in ur screen shot folder...that's because they are two different formats.....I think that the first one is jpeg..........hope this helps you......

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    Orange+Shift+P works too but i find it easier to hit the Sym instead. I have a hard time hitting the shift and orange at the same time. On mine it always adds two and the first one is always a .png and the second is .jpg
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    Thanks guys, i knew i was doing it right....i thought it went in photo roll, instead of scrolling down to screen capture.

    thanks again,
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    Whoo hoo! Thank you!
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    thanks guys!

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