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    Sheck it out, lemme know what you guys think

    EDIT: Here's a MW2 ringtone I made also, just right click; save as

    MW2 Ringtone

    EDIT: Added 3 more wallpaper's

    EDIT: Added a "Prestige" style wallpaper, i almost didnt post it because looking at it on a pc doesnt do it any justice, on the pre it looks great..
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    awesome possum!
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    Nice work!
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    glad you guys like'em

    i just added a MW2 ringtone (updated first post)
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    You got any more COD tones?
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    Quote Originally Posted by biggamer3 View Post

    You got any more COD tones?
    i'll see what I can do
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    love that ringtone and the wallpapers thanks bro!
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    thanks man!
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    sick wallpapers, exactly what I was looking for.
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    oh and that ringtone is bad *** as well. id love to hear more.
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    Thanks for the pics.
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    glad everyone likes'em , def. more papers to come.. i'm sure i'll get around to a new ringtone too, have to get my music software reinstalled (upgraded to windows 7 recently.. awesomeeee)
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    awesome game awesome wallpapers
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    Amazing, exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!
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    Added a new wp
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    Awesome wallpapers!
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    Awesome work! Thanks man.
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    i can't seem to DL the ringtone...
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