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    I haven't been here doing wallpapers in a long while because I moved to a Motorola Droid and I took my talents to Android Central. (Sounded way to much like Lebron James there...) lol I'm debating on switching back to WebOS when the Pre3 comes out though. Should be just in time for my upgrade

    Here you are Hope you like it!
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    SICK dude ..and yes I am still on Webos from day one lol...myupgrade falls just about when the pre 3 should be coming back thanks
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    Hell yeah NHL wallpapers. I'm grabbin the Wild one. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by justkeptfading View Post
    lol yea, Hossa the hired gun. And now it looks like the Hawks may make a run for the Cup this

    And yes, I live in the D.

    Good call.
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    And because it hasn't been said yet....Go Wild!
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