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    I was looking a while back on these forums and someone posted a wallpaper of a block with a face legs and arms. I googled everything and can't find it. Someone help!
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    can someone help? I remember the picture its like a block drinking water from a fountain.
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    Is this the box guy you're talking about?
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    yes! what do i google to get more pics?
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    I actually stumbled upon one of the pics at: iDesign * Pre - Free Palm Pre Wallpapers & Free Palm Pre Backgrounds. Updated Daily! after reading your thread and the image was named boxhead so I searched for 'boxhead' on that site and found the other pictures and posted them here for you. I did another quick google search for: ' box head' and found a couple more images of the box man.


    I just did a little bit more searching for 'amazon japan box guy' on google and found this Flikr album full of the box guy hehe
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    Sorry for the double post but I think this was what you were looking for. Hope it's the right one.
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    its ****en sick thanks guys
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    Your very welcome!
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    Oh thank you as well, I didn't have some of those.
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    The little box guy is called danbo, if you google for "danbo" you'll find a ton of stuff.
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    Hi Mandaminator... I posted some more of these (Danbo) wallpapers also. Sorry for not posting them here with your thread - I searched before posting and must not have used the correct search term.

    You can see more of Danbo over here:

    Sorry for missing your thread!

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