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    If you go to google images on your pre and use the desktop version you can specify specific image size and search different images by color, style...etc. (was that a runon sentence?) And now with the 1.2 webOS update you can save those images. Of course there are other image search engines but still wanted to mention. I know some here this is already known.
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    Thank you for this tip, a lot of us use this , there are some that don't realise how easy it is to get custom wallpapers to your pre.

    using Google's custom image search options Pre owners can find unlimited amount of "Pre Ready" wallpapers.

    For those who want to edit desktop size images it is as simple as right clicking the image and edit it in any of the following programs/apps.

    Windows XP and newer use Microsoft Picture manager, where you can crop, scale, resize . It offers a lot of capabilities.
    Microsoft paint also has some basic editing features such as Save as type, you can take a PNG image and save as JPEG in MS paint

    Some excellent free programs that i like:

    Pixel- Free Open source Image editor
    The Gimp- Very capable Free open source "Image manipulator another Free image editor easy UI and lightweight.

    Mac users:

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