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    What an awesome forum and site. Thank you. Thank you.

    Diane Hellen---rules!!!

    Yes, I searched for this but didnt find it. What is the file location to copy wallpapers to on the Pre using webos? I know I can email, but I'd rather copy it to the device thru webos.

    Thanks all
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    You could just hook your Pre up to the USB port on your computer. You can then use it as a USB drive. This will allow you to see the Wallpaper folder. Just drag and drop.
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    I am doing this but having fits - I have drug and dropped, files show on Pre when plugged into the computer, but do not show on phone.

    These are .png, .bmp, .jpeg, some show, most don't.

    I tried renaming via Paint, show on phone/computer, not when unplugged.

    Dropped to DCIM and Downloads, same results.

    Any ideas or help?
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    It is my understanding that the phone will only recognize .png and .jpg (not .jpeg or .bmp or any others).

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    .png do not show.

    .jpg is the preferred format. You can open the file in Power point and then resave as .jpg.

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